How It Works 

A simple method to communicate across languages and build friendships 

The Language Discovery methodology allows students to find a direct, autonomous motivation to their learning and fosters a mutually supportive learning environment with powerful peer learning potential. It is effective in motivating a broad range of students to want to learn languages other than English. Children quickly aspire to communicate more with their overseas friends, and students' motivation for continued language learning arises from this aspiration.


Students deepen their interest and build friendships through autonomous peer to peer learning.

Language Discovery has developed software "Palaygo" that enables language learners to learn a new language in real situations and let them be intrinsically motivated and have fun to learn languages and different cultures through daily communication with similar aged online friends. 

This solves a huge problem in the world where almost all language educators agree that ‘Communication’ and ‘Intercultural Learning’ are keys to better language education by keeping students interested and motivated - a major issue for educators - teachers, governments, parents and education providers. 

Language Discovery has released a new version of "Palaygo" which is receiving tremendous feedback from school children and teachers, demonstrating that “Palaygo” is a unique solution in the language learning market. The latest Palaygo project provides progressive and real experiences to students at school and home through its various programs. The latest version has enhanced userbility, compatibility to iPads and smartphones and various features. Palaygo is now in English, Japanese and Chinese (Mandarin) and is planning to become ready for other languages too.

Please visit the Japan Foundation, Sydney "Classroom Resources" for further information on Palaygo (Language Discovery Online) !

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